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One important career field that isn't taught at most colleges is culinary arts. Very few four-year colleges offer anything related to culinary training other than some schools have hospitality management degrees.

Students interested in actually working in the kitchen of a great restaurant will typically attend a specialized culinary arts school for a year or so. Many smaller cities do not have a culinary school, so students may have to look toward their local community college and take as many different cooking classes as they can.

You can look for culinary arts school in Georgia by clicking here or you can narrow your search somewhat by just looking at Atlanta area options.

Besides the culinary field, there are also plenty of other career fields that can be broken into without having a four-year degree. Students can earn either a one-year certificate or two-year associate's degree. The tuition at these schools is often reasonable. You can browse through some articles about different types of college majors or career training.

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