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Not every graduating high school senior is interested in signing up for four years of college right after high school. While earning a bachelor's degree is considered the best option for the average student, it certainly isn't right for everyone.

One strategy many students are using is to enroll at a community college. They can take many of the same classes they would be taking as freshmen at a university, but the tuition bill is much less. They can eventually earn their associate's degree and continue on with their bachelor's degree, or they may take advantage of some employment opportunity that came up. Students can also try out introductory courses in different subjects, such as computer technology, to see if that area might be something they want to consider as a college major.

One of the most liked college majors is graphic design. Graphic arts and design allows individuals and teams to design and develop artwork, advertising and packaging for companies and organizations. It can be fun, creative job. Find out more.

Another similar field that has some terrific job possibilities is information technology. All the way from computer science degrees to one-year IT programs, there are plenty of options for students who enjoy computers and the technical side of it. Browse articles on this field.

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